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Military Day Out

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Looking for original and unique ideas for fun activity day out in Tallinn, for next corporate event, team building or incentive? Military action day activity has proved to be one of the most popular activities in Tallinn cause you get a well organised military activity that can be done in only few places in the world. But nowhere it can be done at such low costs as in Tallinn.

Please see below the outline of the event. Group will be picked up by bus and taken to a military base. On the route to military base group will get 'attacked' by KGB with ambush- smoke grenades, big explosions, shooting, crying. The bus gets arrested. People are divided into groups and then serous activity begins.
• The obligatory part of the „Military Actions“ is shooting. Small-arms and even the famous „Kalashnikov“ (semiautomatic version). 25 shots per person.
• The transfer from place to place is with armed vehicle. You’ll feel the same as sprats in a tin.
• Be careful when you have to cross the mine field!
The group has to cross the mine-field so that nobody is blown up. You have to stay calm and cooperate with others- that’s the only way to stay alive.
• If you feel hungry, the soldiers food is waiting for you.
• Test yourself and your courage- are you ready to step out from the 5-th floor window and come down with a rope? There’s a course of training and practice before it.

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