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Prison Action

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Group activity in Tallinn- Afternoon in prison

Russian soldiers are jumping out of an old bus. All the tourists are arrested and commanded to go the bus. The bus is driving to Patarei Prison. In the prison, as always, there’s a prison rule. Registration, impure cells, mad warders. Beatings, cries. Jailhouse life...
After the tourists have tasted the prison life for a while, they are called for a „walk“. Small room and the sun shines only squared.
Suddenly there are sounds of shooting and crying. Russian soldiers are in panic, there’s a big mess. The chamber door opens and like a salvation angel there’s a guide, who says that the tourists are free and that the Russians guards have escaped. The guide makes a small tour round the prison and introduces all the creepy and even more creepy places.

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