Prison Treasure Hunt

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Old Soviet Prison in Paterai, Tallinn invites you for a thrilling team building to learn a bit of history and be entertained at the same time. Its very unique and authentic, your team will love it!

The event starting point is hotel.

Soviet Militia / Police lines up the guests in the hotel’s lobby. Light and fun interrogation: searching for bags, handcuffs for suspicious capitalists, control of documents, Q&A. Line up, capitalists!

Driving with authentic Soviet Bus (max. 22 seats) to prison follows that. For larger groups we will provide old fashion style coaches.Soviet Militia makes funny Soviet propaganda and offers vodka shots/pickles to your team. Soviet music is played in the background for the right atmosphere! If your group is big we can provide additionally artists and entertainers like pioneers, cleaning ladies, militians, hustlers etc. More entertainment and more fun.

Unfortunately the bus will break on route and guests will be ordered to get out and push it or even repair it! Tough and Militia is watching! Finally after all the ordeal the group arrives to Old Tallinn Prison for the treasure hunt team building activity.

Some facts on the prison

Patarei Prison is a fascinating venue. We must admit there's a certain charm to lying on the sand and watching the waves crash against the rocks through a barbed wire fence.Patarei is a true hell hole. Originally built as a gun battery and a fortress in 1840, it looks as if it was abandoned decades ago even though the last inmates left in 2005, presumably after discovering that all the guards had simply wandered off. Also, we bet that you've never danced from dusk until noon in a prison! Old Soviet Prison is a must tourist attraction in Tallinn.

In Prison

Prison Director (not a real one of corse) will give a ‘welcome’ greeting to the group and issue the strict instructions! Each team will get a map with clues to find spots. There is a fun fueled Soviet instructor on Each dedicated spot, he will give a task to the group and task is related to prison’s real life and experience. Mmm fun?!

Treasure Hunt

Your group will be divided into team. The plan is that it takes team 5-7 minutes to get from spot to spot, it takes 5-8 minutes to complete the task itself. Tasks are different but mainly are related to finding the treasure and/or also solving the task on spot, which is given by our funny Soviet instructor. Our Soviet Styled entertainers will be there for you to help and make you laugh. The final spot is a prison canteen of corse! The winner will be announced! Ultimately we are offering a fun sightseeing with a twist – great new idea for your next incentives in Tallinn, Estonia.

Assignments on the Spots

1.Knocking Game. Learn how did the prisoners communicated in the cell.

2.Alarm! Nuclear Attack. Get the gas masks on and don’t forget protective clothes! Not very glamorous!

3.Building task. Put together the wooden cube and puzzle in order to escape.

4.Try your best at Soviet Army Marching, one has to be very synchronized.

5.Medical examination, X Ray. You are being checked if anything is smuggled.

Canteen visit

We will provide the team with tea/coffer and vodka shots! Milita members will announce a fun performance by Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and life sentenced prisoner and cleaning lady who are singing world famous Soviet songs.

Its possible to order soviet type medals for the winning team. Then the Soviet hymn will be playing while your group will get an application forms to join the Communist party.

Additional services possible:

More animators (cleaning ladies, pioneers etc.)

Lunch or Dinner

More Drinks


Soviet Roubles with the picture of Company Boss!

Costumes. Prisoner’s clothes or Soviet Costumes!

Soviet medals!

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