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Grand Mongolian Expedition Tour - 7 nights/8 days June - September


Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, optional transfer to Hotel Bayangol****,check-in, Ulaanbaatar is a large city of pulsating commerce,noisytraffic and buzzing urban life and in between islands of serenity – quietmonastery courtyards and public squares withcalming fountains. During theafternoon sightseeing tour we see Genghis KhanSquare at the heart of the city and thesurrounding buildings: ParliamentHouse, State Opera & Ballet Theatre, Cultural Palace and the House ofCity Council.Moreover, we visit the National Museum of Mongolian History,which features Mongolian history from pre-historic time topresent days andthe Gandan Monastery, the largest functioning Buddhist monastery in Mongolia.


Through beautiful landscapes of steppe, river valleys and rollinghills we drive westwards to Kharkhorin (375 km), the ancientcapital of theGreat Mongolian Empire. The city founded in the valley of the Orkhon River in1220 was the capital of the GreatMongolian Empire until Kublai Khan,grandson of Genghis Khan, moved the capital to Beijing during the YuanDynasty. NearbyErdenezuu Monastery is the oldest surviving Buddhistmonastery in Mongolia and was founded on the ruins of ancientKharkhorin in1586. We visit the monastery’s magnificent exhibits, which include anextraordinary collection of Buddhistpaintings, special costumes forreligious dances and superb Buddhist iconography in true Mongolian andTibetan style. Check-in at at Kharkhoriin Anar Ger Camp (standard). Lunch anddinner at the Ger Camp.


We leave Kharkhorin and continue south to the Ongi Monastery (250 km), located in Saihan-Ovoo in the Middle Gobi land. Enroute, we enjoy atraditional Mongolian BBQ lunch with a nomadic family. We visit the ruins ofthe Ongi Monastery, which wasfounded in 1660 and consisted of two templecomplexes on the North and South of the River Ongi. At its heyday, OngiMonastery housed around 30 temples, four large Buddhist universities and over1000 monks at a time. Check-in at the OngiinNuuts Ger Camp (standard).Dinner at the Ger Camp.


Today we continue into the Gobi Desert to explore the Bayanzag Cliffs(250 km). In the early afternoon we arrive at the ancientred rock creation,Bayanzag, formed 60-70 million years ago. The striking red Bayanzag Cliffscontain vast amounts of dinosaurfossils, eggs and bones and are neighbouredby Saxaul tree forests. We will trek around the surrounding areas. Check-inat theGoviin Naran Ger Camp (superior)Lunch and dinner at the Ger Camp.


Today we explore the majestic Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park (100 km), the largest national park in Mongolia stretching 380 km from east to west and 80 km from north to south. We visit the incredible Yol Valley, an unusual narrow canyon of a river flowing through the Zuun Saikhan Mountains to admire the scenery of a frozen river in the middle of the hot Gobi desert. We visit the local Fauna and Flora Museum and enjoy a picnic lunch. Return to the Goviin Naran Ger Camp. Dinner at the Ger Camp.


We drive north to Middle Gobi province (400 km). Driving through the endless green grassland, we enjoy the stunning natural scenery. En route, we meet the nomads on the steppe with their hordes of sheep, cattle or horses and we enjoy a picnic lunch. In the late afternoon, we reach our Ger Camp at Baga Gazriin Chuluu. Check-in at the Erdene Ukhaa Ger Camp (standard). Dinner at the Ger Camp


We continue our scenic drive to the north through the Baga Garziin Chuluu Basalt and Granite Mountains (200 km). We reach Ulaanbaatar at noon and check-in at Hotel Bayangol****. The afternoon offers an optional guided shopping tour to cashmere and antique shops, and to the Central Department Store. In the evening, we enjoy a farewell dinner at Restaurant Modern Nomads with traditional Mongolian cuisine.


Breakfast. Optional transfer to airport.

Absolutely unique tour exploring Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, bringing you in close contact with century old traditions, breath-taking nature and the friendly people of Mongolia

Over 1550 km of authentic expedition-type touring into the south of Mongolia in chauffeur driven comfortable 1stclass 4WD jeeps, each vehicle taking max. 3 persons.

Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar in a comfortable hotel and during the expedition in traditional Mongolian Ger camps. Stay in the Gobi Desert in a new superior Ger Camp

  • 2 overnights at centrally located 4 star hotel
  • 5 overnights at traditional Mongolian Ger Camps, single and double occupancy, 3 overnights at standard Ger Camps with shared facilities, 2 overnights a superior Ger Camp with private facilities
  • 7 x buffet or set menu breakfast
  • 5 x lunch (2 x 4-course lunch with tea, 2 x picnic lunch with tea, 1 x BBQ lunch with nomadic family)
  • 6 x dinner including fare-well dinner (3-course dinners with coffee/tea)
  • Personalized welcome package
  • Entrances to National Museum of Mongolian History, Gandan Monastery, Erdenezuu Monastery, Ruins of Ongi Monastery, Fauna and Flora Museum and all national parks
  • Service of English speaking tour escort on all tours
  • Service of 1st class coach or 1st class minivan in Ulaanbaatar and 1st class 4WD jeeps (Toyota land cruisers) throughout the expedition outside Ulaanbaatar, max 3 persons in each jeep
  • Portage at hotel
  • · Transfer from airport to Hotel Bayangol orvice versa: EUR 50.00 for private car (1-3 persons) and EUR 60.00 for privateminivan (4-7 persons)

    ·3-hour guided shopping tour: EUR 30.00 pp
    ·Dinner at hotel (3-course dinner withcoffee/tea): EUR 25.00 pp

    Most nationalities need visa to Mongolia: Visa can be obtained at arrival at Genghis Khan International Airport for residents of countries, where there is NO Mongolian consulate. Residents of countries, where there is a Mongolian consulate, are required to apply for visa here. Costs for visa support for issuing visa are included into the rates.

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