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F1 Racing Fun Event

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

F1 Racing is a big themed fun game that can help to form the concept of a corporate summer event!

This is fun game with engaging teamwork, which can provide entertainment for many people. During the event participants can chose different roles, try effective planning, enjoy building cars and witness an amusing event in which many people can participate.

This game is not just for men! There are plenty of different roles and fun for everyone!

F1 Racing consists of three parts:

SPARE PARTS AUCTION - The game introduction, which also requires some planning. During this part, using limited part of money, you will have to by on the auction different car parts (tires, elements of design, different car parts and so on). The team will have to decide which parts to buy during limited amount of time. We will provide the money for the purchases. This energetic auction lasts for 15- 30 minutes.

DESIGNING AND BUILDING CARS - with equipment that was purchased on the auction (or received as a starting kit) participants will have to build a race car according to specific rules. The car will have to move, be controllable and be stylish. Teams will have create the body of cars by themselves as well as the safety equipment. The time flies quickly, while building! It takes approximately 2-3 hours to build a racing car.

AUTO SHOW - All racing cars will be displayed for evaluation, which is fun for all participants of the corporate event!

THE RACE - will take place at the end of the event! Grand finals will take place on the grass, asphalt or any other place where the track is created. Racing event has some specific rules, where each team will have to change drivers, do specific amount of pit stops and some other. The whole event is about teamwork, tactical planing and the final race, which is not very fast. The race itself and the pit stops are as fun to watch as on a real event!

We provide all essentials for building of a car: car bodies, tires, details, building materials, tools, elements of design,stickers and the space for building cars. And of course the big prize for the winner of the race!

Duration: from 3 to 4 hours

Number of participants: from 16 to 100

Languages: English, Estonian.

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