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Drumming Event

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Unleash the Rhythm Within - Drumming Master Class in Riga, Latvia!

Group Capacity: Up to 180 participants.

Music is not just a series of notes and beats. It's an emotion, a journey, and an incredible tool for inspiration and connection. Drums, in particular, have echoed through the annals of history, being used by our ancestors to evoke community spirit, clear the mind, and uplift souls.

Introducing our Drumming Master Class, a potent blend of rhythmic exercises and team-building techniques:

  • Conference Energizer: Infuse energy and enthusiasm into your conference sessions.
  • Meeting Refresher: Break the monotony and spark fresh, innovative ideas.
  • Business Boost: Engage in a novel way to foster unity, motivation, and the zeal to achieve corporate goals.

With the rise of interactive drumming in global businesses as an innovative tool to instill unity and shared purpose, Riga & Latvia proudly presents its own Drumming Master Class. Led by experts in the field, expect an immersive experience that is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Booking: To ensure the best experience, we recommend a minimum pre-booking of 4 weeks in advance.

Dive into the rhythm. Experience unity like never before. Join us in Riga, Latvia, and be a part of this musical revolution!

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