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Ice Hockey Tournament Game in Tallinn

Did you have a dream to become a real hockey player one day? One thing is true, after such an experience you will have a totally different view on hockey and probably you will be eager to return and try it again!

All what you need is here now. Jeti ice hall can provide you with a new set of ice hockey gear (for 40 persons). Please find a short description of the packages offered below.

Time: The hockey event lasts around 3.5 hours. Time is divided as follows: gathering an hour before the game to put the hockey gear on. As putting the gear on can be a challenge for first-timers, we have instructors to assist you to put the gear on in the right order. Once on the ice, the hockey will last for 1.5 hours (1hour and 20 minutes to be precise) under the guidance of an instructor. After the game you have 1 hour to relax in the sauna.

Package includes: rent of ice rink, wardrobe and sauna with towels. Hockey gear: skates, helmet with a shield, pants, shoulder pads, shin guards, elbow pads, jock cups and gloves. On top of the gear you can wear the jerseys of the Estonian national team. An instructor will be with you during the whole time of your activities on the ice, who will assist you with gearing up and coordinating the activities on the ice (in relation to safety, warming up, rules, leading the game).

You MUST bring along: warm underwear and socks/stockings for the skates.

What do you need to do in order to make it happen? Just send us an email or call us.

1. when does event take place: date and approximate time?

2. how many people will participate?

3. Sizes of gear: M (for up to 175 cm); L (175 cm - 190 cm) or XL (185 cm +).


Please enquire about the price.

Season: October - April

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