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Tallinn Sightseeing Tour on Segways, 2-3 hrs

An easy and fast way for cruise passengers to explore Tallinn and its most significant places during your cruise travel to Estonia. Join the modern age and explore the Tallinn city not on foot or by bus, but on an a personal transporter segway. Electroroller Segway is one of the best nowadays invents; it is a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels.

Tallinn cruise passengers can choose whether to rent electroroller segways for exploring Tallin and its outskirts on their own or book with us Guided Tallinn Segway City Tour discovering the most outstanding places of Tallinn with our guides. A sightseeing tour will feature a medieval citadel of the Dome Hill, the Dome Church with a valuable collection of coats-of-arms and tombstones, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its onion domes, fortified town wall with 25 towers, medieval guild houses of the Hanseatic lower town, medieval Town Hall, Holy Ghost Church with the famous Bernd Notke altar, etc.

Choose the best option for your Tallinn Cruise Shore & Land Tour: Guided Tallinn Segway Sightseeing Tours or personal transporter segway rent to discover the city on your own.

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