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A Private Riga Art Nouveau Tour & Riga Old Town walking Tour, 4 hrs

Combination of two most popular sightseeing places - Riga Old Town and Art Nouveau tour. One tour to discover two important reasons why Riga is worth visiting for. Meet the breath of centuries in the narrow streets of Riga Old Town, city which was started in 13th century and was a mighty harbor as well as part of the Hanseatic League. Meet the fine style, romance and surprising architectural solutions on the Art Nouveau tour.

A century ago, Riga, just as other European cities, was swept away by a style of architecture and living inspired by longing for creative freedom and daring opulence: art nouveau. By learning from nature, delighting in bunches of flowers, ornamentation, sinuous and undulating lines, relishing in antique beauty, fantasising about sphinxes, gryphons and Cerberuses, art nouveau rendered Riga more lavish, mysterious and seductive. Raise your eyes upwards and discover Europe’s most beautiful art nouveau buildings for yourself!

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