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A Private Riga Old Town Walking Tour for cruise ship passengers, 2.5 hrs

It is highly recommended to visit Riga Old Town during your visit to this Baltic Capital. The Guided Riga Old Town tour is a perfect choice for those cruise passengers who stop in Riga just for one day and are looking for a short but intense shore excursion in order to get acquainted with the most important historical places of Riga. This short tour allows cruise ship passengers to visit the most magnificent landmarks of Riga Old Town and then have free afternoon for exploring the city on their own, whether going shopping, enjoying lively square terraces or getting more profound insight into Latvian history and culture by visiting different museums and tourist sights.

During Riga Old Town Tour our experienced guide will walk you through the labyrinth of cobble-stoned streets and tell the most amazing historical facts and legends of Riga making you feel to have made a journey back in time. Riga Old Town can be proud of very well preserved cultural heritage, you will be surprised of old town churches, romantic medieval cobble-stoned streets, hanseatic style buildings, lively squares and small parks. Our guide will take you to the most significant places and sights of Riga: Latvian National Opera, Convent Yard, St.Peter church, Dome Cathedral, Small and Great Guild, Cat House, Dominican monastery, House of Blackheads, Roland's statue, St. Jacob's Church, St. John's Church, Riga Castle, Swedish Gate, Three Brothers, the Freedom monument and others. You will have a complete outsight impression of these historical places and if you would be interested to get more profound insight into Latvian history there is a possibility to have insight visits to all these monuments when the guided tour is finished (please contact us and we will send you information about timetables and prices).

Here are some of architectural and historical wonders cruise passengers will see during Riga Old Town tour. These places are for sure must see places for every Riga visitor.

The Latvian National Opera, a magnificent building that is situated between the Old and the New Riga City. The traditions of Latvian National Opera House date back to the 18th century when the first production of Richard Wagner “The Flying Dutchman” was staged. Opera is fondly known between Latvians as "White House".

The Convent Yard is situated in the heart of the Old Town and is one of the oldest building complexes in Riga Old Town. Convent yard takes you on tour through the ages starting from the 13th century convent, which was the initial purpose of the structures. In the following years, the complex has been used for different aims from housing apartments to warehouses. You can find here the oldest stone wall structure in Riga, the St. George Church (now the Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts).

St. Peter's Church, one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Baltics, was meant to be the main church of the town. The first time the Church appears in historical documents dates back to the 13th century. St.Peter’s church is also famous tourist attraction place because of its sightviewing platform from where you can enjoy the splendid views of Riga and its Old Town. Once the tour is finished you can returned to this church and to ascend the tower and enjoy amazing views of the old town.

The Dome Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the Baltics has become the most important spiritual centre in Riga. The Cathedral is famous with its organ, which was made in 1884. It is the biggest organ in the world, which comprised of 6 718 pipes.

Powder Tower first was mentioned in the 14th century as a sand Tower because it defended the city from the side of the Big Sand Road. Tower has acquired its present name "Powder Tower" in the 17th century when it has been used for gunpowder and cannonballs storage.

Great and Small Guild, the eclectic Gothic style buildings. Both houses were built over a century and a half ago and are the "family nests" of two Riga families of tradesmen and craftsmen. Now in the Small Guild many cultural evenings, parties, seminars and conferences are organized.

You will also see other sights: Cat House, Dominican monastery, House of Blackheads, Roland's statue, St. Jacob's Church, St. John's Church, Riga Castle, Swedish Gate, Three Brothers, the Freedom monument and other restored buildings, souvenir shops, cafes, bars, restaurants. During the tour you can make stop at the cafe, bar or restaurant and have prearranged snack and aperitif.

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