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If yes, this site about Estonia is for you! We`ll give you all the information for you to get the most of this beautiful country. Estonia is a very small country, the total area is 45226 sq km and about 1,3 mil people live here. You can find out more interesting facts here. It happens, that many of you have never heard of this country, or you have heard, but have no idea where it is located. We live in north Europe, our neighbors are Latvia, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Of course our maps will give you the best information about the exact location of our country. The capital city is Tallinn, maybe you remember that the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 took place here. So, if you have some more interest, what would you like to know?If you`d like to visit the country, you need a lot of good information. I've traveled through Europe and I know that it's always good to know more about the country you are visiting - then you can make take the maximum of it. In most countries there are some top 5, 10 or even 100 places you should visit. I know what to recommend, because I have visited most of these beautiful and amazing places in our country. I`ll try to give you the best information (if possible, with photos) about Hotels, Museums, Cities, Travel, Sights, Weather, Facts, Maps, Tourism. If you are not yet planning to visit, then you are probably interested in the history and would just like to go through photo galleries.