Welcome to Poland! This country of 38 million is home to history and tragedy, a Baltic Sea coast and the sweeping Tatra Mountains, modern day luminaries like Lech Walesa and classic heroes like Tadeusz Kościuszko. And at Poland In Your Pocket we’ve prepared a series of guides covering many of the major cities and sights in this vast country to give you info on the best things to see and do.

The capital city of Warsaw was annihilated by the Germans during World War II and subsequently rebuilt by its citizens during the Cold War era. While it didn’t make for a pretty city, Warsaw does boast a charming Old Town (meticulously rebuilt using bricks from around the country following the war), and new world-class museums like the Copernicus Science Centre and Warsaw Uprising Museum beg to be explored.

The southern city of Krakow is Poland’s second largest and oozes old-world charm; one lap around the famed Market Square and you’ll know what we mean. A saunter through Kazimierz, the city’s revitalised former Jewish quarter, will be rewarded with some of the city’s best nightlife. And the new Schindler’s Factory museum brings to life the tale most know only from the movies. If you want to bear the full burden of history, the city also serves as a popular base for visiting Auschwitz.