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Most visited Escape Rooms / Indoor Quests / Live Quest Adventure in Riga

2 games can be played in the same place for maximum of 11 people at a time, while other friend can wait in a cosy lounge.

Games are suitable for maximum of 22 people

Description of a typical games below. Please note there might be a different escape room booked for your party.

Ghost Escape room

Old creepy rumours tell about an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. They say a family lived there once. But when the younger girl went missing, the other family members left the house in fear. None of the new residents were able to stay in the house for long, leaving it in horror. All those who entered this house also disappeared. Since then, no one has dared to go near the house. But one day you and your friends were caught in the rain and thunderstorm. You decided to wait out the storm and then return home. The door opened with unexpected ease…

Alice in Wonderland

Among people you know, there is one strange person. She always tells stories about an unfamiliar world reigned by the Queen of Hearts where rabbits are able to talk and tell time with watches. You thought that these are just fairy tales, until one time you spotted a white rabbit with pocket watches on a chain running past your company during a walk in the park. You had no choice but to run after the rabbit.

These are descriptions of 2 of the games we organise but we have loads more game options. Subject of availability.

250 eur up to 11 people group
375 eur up to 16 people group
485 eur up to 22 people group

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