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Tallinn Brewery Tour

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Brewery Tours for groups in Tallinn, Estonia

Allow us to share the rich heritage, production intricacies, and delightful products of our esteemed brewery in Estonia.

The roots of brewing traditions in Estonia and Livonia extend back to 1820, when Count Karl Friedrich Rehbinder established a distillery and brewery on his estate along the Vääna River. Since that historic year, the beer masters of our brewery have consistently crafted exceptional Estonian beer using the finest local groundwater, malt, hops, and yeast.

For an immersive experience, we welcome groups of 10 to 48 individuals. Your journey will be guided by a seasoned professional fluent in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, or English, catering to the preferences of your group.

To ensure availability, we suggest reserving your excursion at least three weeks in advance. We look forward to sharing the fascinating history and flavors of our brewery with you.

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