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Vilnius Tank Driving

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Minimum group size 12
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Military Tank Driving for groups in Vilnius, Lithuania

A new military Tank Driving activity just couple km outside Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. In a special track you will learn new driving skills and feel lots of adrenalin. You will have a chance to drive the tank yourself. Its truly special and unique opportunity.

Lithuania's first private commercial tank-training grounds opened in Vilnius, giving the public a rare opportunity to take a tank driving course, and even fire ammunition.

The ground is organised on a 5 hectare range and has artificial obstacles that route the tank in real tank-driving conditions. There are two FV-432 armoured vehicles available.

The activity can be combined with other ones for example Real Gun Shooting is located at the same site.

Price per person from € 104

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1 km lap to drive the tank yourself for each person
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