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Archery Activity for groups in Vilnius, Lithuania

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An Archery activity is an excellent event that offers fun for all - corporate events, part of other team-building action, groups of friends or other. For all of our Corporate Archery Events we provide an experienced Archery Instructor who will assist the group on the site of event. You can come to our site we can bring our archery action to your location.

Archery was historically used for hunting or combat and was essential in our ancestor’s lives. Archery has taken an important part in different cultures and ages, starting from our ancestors and remembering such famous archers as Robin Hood, William Tell, poor Harold and others. Nowadays we don’t need to do archery in order to provide food or protect ourselves, but is still used to exercise our concentration skills that could help in our daily lives. These hand-eye coordination exercises are not as easy as they may seem, many times they require previous preparation. This is the most popular form of the sport where participants shoot at static targets in order to score points. This activity can be combined with other competition activities.

Archery event / activity or teambuilding for corporate group can be organized in Vilnius or other parts of Lithuania. We will make your archery competitions a fun time for your party of friends or colleagues.

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