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Private Horse Races

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller


The day will stay with arrival of the group to the Hipodrome in Tallinn. Soft drinks and snacks at the Restaurant Hipodroom’ s Restaurant or Terrace

Company Logos, flags, banners if needed can be produced.

Hippodrome´s representative will make a short introductcion of history, horses and all activities planned in this competition day.


All day is carried out by Hippodrome management and prof competition team using best trainers and horses. Running horses are pleasure to see, including comments by microphones and petting game while group members are competing in arena.

Hippodrome prepares 6 horses and carriges with prof trainers and all guests have a chance to compete themselves. At the beginning of event people will make a registration for each race, choosing the race and horse number they whant to compete.

During the competition these 6 horses with special carriges of 2 sitting places will make 6 races and the final. In this way 36 of the group can actively participate.

People will have special competition dresses, casquets and glasses. Horses will gather into starting line and people take the sitting place very next to the professional trainer in the same carrige.

Competing includes full security and does not requires any previous experience in this field.

After each race winning ceremony with fanfars and prizes.

While 6 group members are competing in arena, all the other guests are making pettings.

They just choose the horse number predicted to be a winner and registrate this choice in totalisator. Each guest have a possibility to make 1 petting for each starting race.

The budget includes preagreed fond for the totalisator in a way that guests do not have to pay themselves. The game will be based on this winning fond and after the final all winnings are payed out.

Day at the Race Track is organised in a way that for the guests it will be nothing else, but real fun.

Group size: 20 -200 people

You can go to the arena and actively participate in competition races as proffessional jockeys sitting in the same special carriages. There are always a part of the group who are more interested watching the show, making a nice petting game and catering. Believe me, that would be a perfect morning or afternoon to all of people, even to those who are not competing themselves. So, we are going to have here the full competition day with prof trainers, horses, microphones, petting game and catering.

To get a more information and a quote for Horse Racing Event in Tallinn, please get in touch with us.

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