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500 Years Back

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Sightseeing tour „500 Years Back in Time“ in old town of Tallinn

Pax: 15

Language: English, Russian, Finnish

Length: 2 hours

Style: histotainment (history+entertainment)

Program Description: You’ll meet your guide Old Thomas, the symbol of Tallinn and guard in medieval costume near Viru Gate in Tallinn. He takes you back in time, 500 years, to 1517. He opens your eyes and draws attention to items that still exist in Tallinn. This is the journey, where you’ll forget the modern time and notice things differently than just looking around by yourself in old town of Tallinn. There are 3 historical venues where you go inside: Hellemann Tower.

Old Thomas invites you to the medieval turret, Hellemann, where you see how city guards lived and which weapons they used to protect the town. Old Thomas wants your help to assemble the catapult and also he organizes his favourite competition- shooting a parrot (stuffed bird) with crossbow. Parrot shooting competition has been the most popular game during knight tournaments in Tallinn. Old Thomas tells you more about how people lived 500 years ago and how this massive defensive system was built. You understand the structure of Tallinn!

Next venue would be Town Hall Square where is the oldest functioning pharmacy in Europe- Town Hall Pharmacy, established 1422 or Garlic Restaurant in the same building if Pharmacy is not available. Old Thomas tells you the role of Pharmacy and makes fun of medievel medicine. In Town Hall Pharmacy he/she exposes the exhibition of medieval items (funny and absurd things nowadays) and makes edutainment style presentation about medieval medicine. Thomas also offers unique claret wine or Vana Tallinn liquer while talking more about Tallinn. Aldermen who used to sit in Pharmacy, drank claret wine and made big desicions 500 years ago.

Third and last spot would be Restaurant of Golden Piglet or Kaera Jaan. Old Thomas teaches Estonian expressions, song/dance Kaera Jaan, he talks about Estonian singing traditions, embroidery, folk costumes, drinks, cuisine etc. You can sample Estonian snacks and drinks ordered in the restaurant by yourself. The program ends in the restaurant where you can have also a lunch or dinner.

The price includes guide Old Thomas, entrance to Hellemann tower and pharmacy or garlic restaurant, shot of claret wine and buckthorn schnapps and project management.

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