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Tallinn Adventure

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

Tallinn Old Town Adventure Game - Exciting adventure on the streets of Tallinn’s Old Town.

The Old Town Adventure is primarily appropriate for introducing the city to foreign visitors. This is a competitive adventure that takes players to most popular sights.

First, the participants are divided into small groups (3-5 persons in the each team). The goal is to find answers to the Old Town related questions. Each team gets electronic device that leads them around the streets. The questions pop up automatically when the group reaches the question point. Team members need to work together and be attentive in order to find the right answer from the multiple choice selection.

Adventure game that leads you to the most important sights in the Old Town.

The participants visit the castle of Toompea, the town wall, the tower of Paks Margareta (Fat Margaret), as well as many other historical sites during the game.

Each team makes their own game strategy. Different places give different amount of points. The aim is to collect as many points as possible during the game. Points are collected when the answer is right.

There are tax zones in the city where you have to pay tax to the government as a part of the game. They are marked with minus sign on the field. These points need to be avoided; otherwise you lose your points from the total score. This needs to be considered when planning the strategy.

Adventure start and finish point can be chosen anywhere in the city or you can end the game in the restaurant where the dinner is planned.

NB! The game can be personalised by your own questions. This needs to be done before hand and by somebody who does not participate.

Group size: from 10 to 700 participants.

Season: The event can be organised all year-round as well as done in the dark, at night. The LED head lamp and a reflector to each participant are provided. The raincoats are given in case of rain.

Language: The game can be played in Estonian, Finnish, English, Russian, German and Norwegian (Also Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish languages are available with English instructions)

  • Great way for sightseeing in Tallinn
  • Group size 12-700
  • All year round, also in dark
  • Game time: 2h
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