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Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller

This interactive incentive tour of Tallinn Old Town’s walls and towers is led by Johan Supher, who was the Alderman of Tallinn from 1458 to 1467. On this Medieval Incentives Tallinn tour our guests are introduced to medieval life as it once was along the walls and turrets of the old town. This a theatrical sightseeing tour of Tallinn where guests are involved in the activity.

The group will meet their guide at the hotel, and after getting the instructions and rules of the game, it will be divided into smaller teams. Every team gets a map, a first clue, and then the adventure may begin! This thrilling orientation game will be long remembered through the photos and memories that the teams will get from various places (and activities like bow-shooting, etc.) on their way through this centuries old beautiful town.

Johan Supher introduces the guests to other historical inhabitants of the wall including a mediaeval nun who healed the wounded, a man jailed for having too many wives, a purse thief and tower watchmen.

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