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Movie Clips Shooting

Minimum group size 10
Please enquire if your group is smaller
Film Festival / Film making team building / incentives in Riga, Latvia

The scenario of this Riga Film Clip Shooting team building starts with the missing clips for the big Film Festival event. Your team will have to save the day and create Film Clips to go on a big screen in the evening.

This fun and entertaining team building requires all the team member to do the best affords to shooting the film clips / trailers - actors, camera man, screen writer all the skills are needed.

The aim is to create 5 trailers and not to forget to enjoy the game!

There are 5 film categories to be awarded: Nature movie, horror, action, advertisement and home video. Each movie company has to make 5 trailers – one in each category. When everything is ready, the show will start – Riga Fun Day Film Festival. All clips will be watched on a big screen and members of Film Academy (one member from each team) will rate the results – category by category.

Each team has 6 – 10 people and all together there can be up to 10 teams. Each team gets iPad for shooting video clips. You can make it easy way and hit with your good acting skills or use special effects; sounds etc or edit your clips with advanced program. IPad is fixed on tripod and you can use LED light, extra microphone and different lenses. Movie making is easy task with such equipment. Everyone can become cinematographer within a second!

During the shooting, all kind of costumes and props are available.

Number of participants 12 - 100

• Duration of the Riga Film Festival Team Building Game 2 – 3 hours
• The game available in Estonian, English, Russian and Finish
• We provide all necessary equipment, props and awards
• Film Festival takes place in rain or shine. It can be played 100% inside.

This Film Clip shooting team building can be organized not only in Riga but in other towns as well like Jurmala, Tallinn, Parnu. If you are looking for the event in Vilnius, please enquiry, its subject of availability.

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