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Riga Funky Car Rally Incentives Adventure

Riga Funky Car Rally Incentives Adventure

Riga Fiat Funky Car Rally Incentives is a fantastic fun activity for your next do in Riga, Latvia. There are many ways how this activity in Riga can be tailor made Team - Building, Unusual Riga Walkie Talkie Tour, Treasure Adventure Hunt, Colouring your own car or ordering your own design, The cars can be just rents or Funky Car transfers can be booked in Riga, Latvia.

If you want to have a slightly different experience from your days in Riga, we have something to offer you! Funky Cars Rally is an orienteering around the city with checkpoints where you have to do easy photo/video tasks, while driving with our small but awesome cars. We create route considering what you want to see - would it be typical Riga sightseeing views or some more underground places known by locals. In addition it is not just a tour but a competition between the teams. For finding and completing each location/object/sight teams get points and after the finish, we collect the results and congratulate the winners.

All tasks must be captured in photo or video, so you also will have awesome and fun memories saved in your phones.

Usually we start and finish the event at our event venue located next to the centre but of course it is possible to start and finish in any other location you wish.

Maximum number of people per car is 3, but for the maximum comfort we suggest 2 people per car. (but still, 3 is more fun).

The event includes:

  • prepared and cleaned cars for the event,
  • fuel to drive around Riga (up to 100 km),
  • technical support during the event,
  • tailor-made route,
  • prizes for 3 best teams.

Also we offer to install GPS navigation, possibility to start or finish in other location.

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