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Graffiti Workshop

Minimum group size 12
Please enquire if your group is smaller


Unleash your inner artist with our Graffiti Workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania! This immersive experience is perfect for group outings and team building activities. We'll divide participants into several groups, each with a spot on a PVC banner to create their own unique masterpiece. In the end, all the pieces come together to create one breathtaking artwork that you can take with you to display in your office, garage, or even bedroom!

We can even customize the templates to incorporate your logo or other specific requests.

Our workshop includes:

  • Protection equipment (glows, respirators, coverall)
  • PVC banner
  • Spray paint
  • Spray caps – different kind of caps so that help to draw and use different kind of techniques and variations of lines, thickness etc.
  • The artist leading the workshop

You'll be guided by an experienced artist who will help you unleash your creativity and produce stunning artwork. Book our Graffiti Workshop today and take your team building to the next level!

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